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Almost six decades of tradition and outstanding hospitality have made Villa Dubrovnik one of the most recognizable hotels in Croatia.
Located on the cliffs above the most beautiful part of Dubrovnik, Villa Dubrovnik has always been the favorite destination to all those seeking privacy, luxury, and that special touch of elegance. It started as a secluded private Adriatic residence, closed for public and intended for VIP guests of the former Yugoslav political elite. 

During the 80's it opened its doors to the public, establishing as a Dubrovnik's hidden gem visited by world's most profound guests with their private jets. Villa Dubrovnik then was only a 3-star hotel due to its lack of spa, pool and similar facilities needed to qualify for the 5-star category. Yet, its service and staff remained beyond 5 stars, surpassing all other 5-star hotels.

In 2006 hotel went through complete renovation to what it is today, an 5-star boutique resort. 
There has never been a hotel as small, yet different, contemporary, yet modern - and varied, yet simple as Villa Dubrovnik has been throughout the course of its life.
The former Villa’s vegetation and gardnes was entirely preserved, as the hotel’s main outlines. Villa reopened its doors to the public in 2010 and has been striving to provide its guests with exceptional customer service and unique experience ever since.

Our heritage is the greatest testimony of our devotion in providing our guests with everything they could ever wish for.

The Story of VIlla

Originally built in 1961, Villa Dubrovnik was one of the most recognisable hotels of its time.

Famous Croatian architect Mladen Frka conceived the building that perfectly blends into the surroundings with pine forest around, gardens, hidden walkways and sea that lays below the cliff on which Villa is nestled on.

The renewed Villa Dubrovnik building successfully preserved architectural originality and ambiance of the original hotel. The sea level stone-wall with terrace of Bistro Giardino, original pine trees in gardens and stone beach remained intact during reconstruction to witness the ongoing beauty that proudly lives its sixth decade.